Sunday, November 01, 2009


And there is no doubt that both Charles and Craig have been working like a dog, and will be finally slept like a log last night. The other driver did not show up in Dunnigan, CA until 8pm Friday night for the swap. Charles drove just an hour or so and then Craig had the pleasure of driving all night long until his driving hours were up. Then like a tag team, Charles was back in the driver's seat taking them into Phoenix, AZ and the first of their 6 deliveries that ended in Tucson, AZ and finally came to an end, 24 hours later, at the Flying J in Casa Grande, AZ for the aforementioned sleep.

They already have their next rest for the weary, that's for sure. After a good night's sleep, they are off and running this morning toward San Diego, where Craig will go into the Port of San Diego to pick up a load of bananas on Monday morning. Since Charles does not have a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card), he will have to be dropped off outside the gates of the Port and wait until Craig can get the trailer loaded. Sometimes that can be a bit of a wait, but I'm sure they will figure some place for him to sit and bide his time.

The bananas are destined for Puyallup, WA on Thursday morning. I hesitate to even say that, knowing that the odds of them getting swapped out again are probably a pretty good bet. All I know is if they keep running like this, the home time that Craig will be putting in for around the 16th of November, will be a welcome break.


Barb said...

Craig seems to be lucky this time with his trainee. Charles sounds like a nice feller. I have one question. How many bunks are in the truck or do they just switch sleeping times? Or maybe one gets the floor? Ask them to send some warmer weather our way please!

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Barb -

There are two beds in the truck, kinda like bunk on the bottom, one up top. I think Charles has the better deal up on the top bunk, which is normally Craig's bed when I am in the truck. It has about 5 layers of cushions making it one very comfy bed!

leslie said...

i really enjoy reading your blog. its funny how many times our paths have crossed. when your in biggs we were there the night before. we pick up paper rolls in usk, one time we were even at rolling hills casino the same night, but didnt know it until a few days later when i read your blog. what a small world.
drive safe,

all things bradbury said...

it does sound like craig is having better luck this time with his trainee!...and i'm glad to hear that they're bringing some banans up north....last time i was up thru there i had a hard time finding some! craig i said thanks!!


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