Thursday, October 29, 2009


Wow.....I don't know what happened to Grumpy, but according to Craig, he was down right chipper and dare I say.....pleasant and personable....while they were in Long Beach, CA delivering the frozen french fries. In all the times I have been there, I've never so much as seen this guy crack a smile, much less engage in any type of conversation. But yet, there he was, Craig said, chatting away, smiling, and being quite his polar opposite. Will wonders never cease.

After unloading, they headed to the company yard in Bloomington to await their next dispatch. Craig was hoping for this, as he (1) had some laundry he wanted to get done, (2) had an appetite for a taco truck burrito for lunch, and (3) confessed to a plan to walk next door to the cookie outlet store for a 50 cent bag of cookies. You gotta love it when a plan all comes together. Let's hope he brushed those cookie crumbs off my bed when he was done! Their next dispatch came over the QualComm, and it would be to complete a team load headed to the greater Phoeniz, AZ area with 5 different deliveries to Fred Meyer stores. That was the good news, the not so good news, was that it would be handed off to them at 3am in the morning, to complete the deliveries, with the first one starting at 11am on Wednesday. Of course that started a debate between us as to the time difference between Arizona, who like a stubborn child, has refused to participate in the whole Daylight Savings Time thing, and what time it would actually be when they crossed the border into that State. I'm not sure we ever settled it, but they made all the deliveries well ahead of schedule.You can see from this photo, that Charles is giving Craig the "stink eye" glare, as he took this picture for me. What my dear husband won't do to appease me, and I'm sure if Charles stays long enough to finish his training, he'll get used to being in front of the camera. They completed the deliveries and yet another first for Craig, tracked down the company yard in Phoenix where they called it a night. First reports on this yard are that it's facilities are comparable to our other yards in California. You can see from the photos Craig took, that it was sunny and warm in Phoenix.They are slated to get out of sunny Arizona today, with a pre plan to load at the Sara Lee plant in Tolleson, AZ and head north to the Albertson's distribution center in Portland for a Sunday morning delivery. As for things on the home front, I awoke to the first snowfall of the season, and a prediction of 4 to 6 inches of snow. Thankfully, there is a warmer front coming through later this afternoon with rain that will melt any snow left on the ground after this morning's storm. I'm just not ready to give up Fall yet for Winter.

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