Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We arrived at the Port of San Diego around 2pm, and were met with about 8 trucks already sitting and waiting for loads, not to mention the ones that were already in the dock. No worries though, as the detention pay started adding up, and trucks started leaving, we were finally in the dock by 5pm. They made quick work of loading the organic bananas from Ecuador into the trailer, and 45 minutes later we were headed out of San Diego and towards LA.

Thankfully, most of the commute traffic was over with by the time we hit LA, and we pushed onward to Wheeler Ridge for our first fuel stop. With it being well after 10pm, we decided not to drive any further, and crawled into bed for some sleep. In the bright light of the early morning hours, we could see just how dirty and bug infested the truck was. A quick message to dispatch, and we were authorized to go by the Blue Beacon in Lodi, CA for a truck wash. Back in our boat hauling days, when we were required to wash the truck and trailer every week, we frequented Blue Beacons quite often. I have to say, the company got their money's worth this time. They spent a lot of time on this truck trying to get it clean of the road grime and petrified bugs. With a shiny clean truck, we continued our trek north and called it a night in Corning, CA. Craig decided to sleep in, and around 6am we awoke and made the walk to take showers and do laundry. We are now 6 days and counting until home time, with our sights set on Halsey, OR tonight for our stop. That will set us up for a 90 mile drive into Clackamas,Or tomorrow morning for our 7am delivery of the bananas. The good news so far, is that there have been no kamikaze bug crashes into the windshield yet....but the day is young.

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