Thursday, January 08, 2009


We made it to Avenal, CA Wednesday afternoon, with a 3am departure time planned to make it into Long Beach, CA this morning. The truck stop we stayed at in Avenal, has to be one of the cleanest truck stops we have stayed at. This is the second time we have stayed there, and have noticed that more and more trucks are starting to use this relatively new stop on Interstate 5.

We were surprised that we had little, if no, commute traffic to content with once we made our way into Los Angeles, and arrived 90 minutes early for our 9am appointment. Having been at this particular place to deliver many times before, we are accustomed to the rather gruff yard manager, who we have named "Grumpy", and learned on one of our very first visits just how he wants things done.
So as we pull into the yard, we go to the area we know he wants us to park, and then walk up to him with the paperwork, and just politely tell him we are his 9am appointment. He actually thanks Craig and we sit and wait to be called to a dock. The fun then begins, as we watch other drivers, who obviously have not been here before, or remember how the yard manager wants things done, start parking here and there. We laughed as he starts yelling at the drivers, using very animated hand gestures, whistles, and yes, a few four letter words, to convey exactly where he wants these drivers to park.
We finally get called to a dock, and in short order we are, unloaded and informed to head to the company yard in Bloomington, CA. What a surprise when we pulled into the lot to see hardly any parking spaces, and at least 7 other TWT trucks waiting for a load. Add onto that the amount of System flatbed drivers also sitting around. We asked a few how long they have been there, and most said at least 24-36 hours. As I finish this up, two more TWT drivers have pulled into the yard. Looks like we will have to keep our fingers crossed, and hope we will be able to get that home time on Saturday that we requested!

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rosemary said...

so, beautiful Bloomington. whenever i hear that really cool name all i can think of is the fact that it is as dull and full of trash along the freeway as it can be.


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