Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Seriously, I miss my husband like crazy when I'm not in the truck, but I got to be honest with you and say that secretly, I'm kinda glad I haven't had to live his driving schedule since he dropped me off on Sunday morning. Usually, we can get ourselves out of the night driving after, at the most, two or three nights, but he has been on it for a week now. I love me my truck time, but night driving? Not so much!

Monday, he was on the road at 2am and driving north from Salinas, CA. This actually was a great time to drive through the San Francisco Bay Area, as I can attest to with over 16 years of commute driving under my belt there. You never want to tempt the traffic Gods by traveling anywhere near there during the morning or evening commute times. He stopped in Corning for a fuel break and a shower, and then powered on into Rice Hill, OR where he shut down and grabbed some sleep.

Back up at midnight, he was driving to his first delivery at the Safeway DC in Clackamas, OR at 4am. Then it was onto UNFI in Milwaukie, OR for his second delivery of the day at 8am. He had to bide his time in the parking lot of the Kmart down the street, as he was unloaded from Safeway by 6am and it was a bit too early to show up at UNFI. Another delivery under his belt and he started making his way to Spokane, WA.

He made it as far as Biggs Junction, OR where he shut down again, and had by now, mastered the trick of sleeping during the day. He was so tired when he called me, I doubt we spent much more than 1 minute talking before he was saying goodnight and falling asleep. With 8 hours of solid sleep, he was again right back at it at midnight making his way on the last leg of this assignment into Spokane for a 5am delivery Wednesday morning.

I got a text message this morning saying that he had arrived safely, and that he would make his way into the company yard when empty. His 14 hour clock will run out at 2pm, so depending on how busy freight is out of Spokane will probably dictate whether he will be enjoying an evening of sitting still or one that will keep him on the go! I don't know about you, but I got exhausted just having to type about his schedule, let alone having to live it. I just may have to go take a nap now!

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