Friday, July 30, 2010


If you noticed my Twitter update on the sidebar of the blog, then you know that we were doing a bit of night driving last night.  Where to you might ask? Well.......while lounging around yesterday in Salinas, waiting until our load was ready at Fresh Express, we got beeped with a pre plan for after we dropped the loaded trailer of fresh produce in the company yard in French Camp.  It was to be in Napa, CA by 11am for the first of two pickups of wine, with the second pick being in Santa Rosa, CA at 2pm.

We were already operating on an 8 hr break in order to get to Fresh Express at 8pm for our appointment time.  Then we would do the required two hour additional break after we picked up the trailer and grab us a power nap, before we would have to high tail it to French Camp, drop our loaded trailer, hook onto our empty trailer, and try and get to Napa before 3am to facilitate doing yet another 8 hour break before going arrived for our 11am appointment.  Did you follow all of that?  Don't worry, sometimes I don't either, but then for the most part I'm just along for the ride.
So this morning, after about 4 hours of sleep, Craig says to me....."You know, most wives aren't this lucky to have a nice romantic getaway to beautiful Napa. Valley  Never mind about staying at anything like the Vanderbilt, you get to stay at the Peterbilt Bed and Breakfast, and forget about wine tasting, I'm giving you 40,000 pounds of wine by the case.  How's that for spoiling you"?  I mumbled something left unmentioned under by breath and rolled over under my covers wondering just where was my breakfast in bed.  On second thought, best not mention that to my husband, no telling what he would serve me.

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Bookerz said...

I'll to forward this to my wife. It will prove to her that romance in America is alive and kicking. Despite my example to the contrary. Enjoy your blog very much keep them coming! Ride and drive safe! Harvey


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