Monday, July 12, 2010


“Air conditioners are man’s greatest achievement, after beer.”

We made it to Redding, CA in 100+ degree weather on Saturday afternoon. All I can say is thank goodness for that APU! We had a few hours of computer time, before we needed to get to sleep, in order to get up at 1am for some more night driving. I don't think our bodies quite know what to do with the the sleeping schedule we have been on lately, but we did manage to get some sleep and be on the road by 2am.

Little to no traffic is the only good thing about being out on the road that time of morning, and we had an uneventful drive all the way into French Camp, CA where we stopped for fuel at our company yard. We were shocked to see that the front area around the shop and fuel island were crammed with trailers and trucks. As we entered further into the yard, we saw that they had roped off the entire back section to do some type of sealant on the parking area. Sure made it interesting to try and turn around to get fuel.

After a few stops and starts, we got turned around, and as Craig fueled the truck, I scanned our last trip into the computer and filled up our water jugs. Then it was off to Modesto, where we would pull off the "swap Diane for food" transfer. Being that is was still early, we were able to take one of the busiest off ramps in Modesto, and park under the overpass to meet up with my Mom and Niece. Craig's eyes glazed over when he received his bounty of food: chili beans, baked spaghetti, weenie roll ups, and brownies. He grabbed his food, kissed me good bye and was on his was to his delivery 9 miles away.

He ended up having to wait almost 4 hours for them to unload the meat from his trailer, before he could first head over to the TA truck stop in Santa Nella for a trailer wash out, and then go to Fresh Express to drop his empty trailer, and then pick up his loaded trailer. By the time that was all accomplished, his 14 hours clock was just about done, so he found a spot at the Pilot truck stop in Salinas and enjoyed the cool 70 degree weather, while I was sweating away in 100 degrees in Modesto.

Craig will once again be on the road at 2am this morning as he makes his way north. He will try and make Roseburg, OR today, and then with yet another early morning start, make two deliveries on Tuesday in Clackamas and Milwaukie, OR. Then he has one more stop in Spokane on Wednesday morning before he completes this load. With any luck, he'll be routed south again and pick me up the end of the week.

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all things bradbury said...

wow! i'm sitting here wondering if your mom & i could work out that same kinda swap for brad the next time we're out there??? lol...enjoy your visit!


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