Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here I was clicking away on my camera the last two days, not realizing that I had inadvertently hit a switch, which disabled my camera from actually capturing what I was photographing.  Don't worry, wasn't anything too spectacular, just the usual things that catch  my eye as we travel along the highways.

We left Biggs, OR around 3am on Wednesday morning and drove to within 15 minutes of the driving hours that Craig had for the day.  That put us into Corning, CA around noon, so we treated ourselves to a salad and some downtime of computer playing.  We decided to wake up around 2am and take showers, before heading out on the last leg of our assignment, into Hollister, CA.  We arrived in Hollister by 9am this morning, by way of first stopping at our yard in French Camp, and scanning our prior trips, grabbing a cup of coffee, and using the facilities  By 9:30am, we were unloaded and waiting to hear what our next assignment will be.

Two weeks ago, we had put in for home time for August 1, hoping against hope, that we would in fact get there by the day we requested.  Anyone in the trucking business knows that thinking along those lines is just plain silly.  But we are optimists, and were told to head to Salinas to drop our empty trailer at Fresh Express, and await our load information.  Craig did manage to get into the conversation about our home time request again.
While sitting in the Pilot Truck Stop in Salinas, the QualComm beeped us with our new assignment, a load of produce headed to two deliveries in Clackamas, one on 7/31 and the other on 8/1.  Feeling now a bit shaky on the confidence scale about getting home, we asked if there was a plan to get us home.  The answer came back in this reply....."nothing in concrete".  A couple of hours later we were beeped with a message that as soon as we are able to pick up our loaded trailer, to take it to our yard in French Camp for another driver to complete.

That still leaves us wondering what we will get, and just how close we will be to getting home on Sunday.  In any case, Craig will still take at least 3 or 4 days off, and I now have a fully functioning camera ready to take photos of whatever might peak my interest on our way there!

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Mom said...

Sorry about the camera. Your beautiful pictures are always fun to look at.


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