Sunday, July 25, 2010


Do I even have to tell you how much I enjoyed staying in ocean cooled Oxnard, CA Saturday night?  Or how much I hated to leave there this morning and head into the bowels of the greater Los Angeles area?  But leave we had to do, around 6am, to head towards La Mirada, CA to Packaging Plus to pick up about 38,000 pounds of plastic wrap.  Yep, 22 pallets of large rolls of plastic wrap.  Check out the picture for yourself.
It's not very often that we get a load that does not require the use of the reefer unit.  I don't know how many times Craig has done a double take into his side mirror to check to see if the green light was on, only to remember that we don't have a refrigerated load.  I can only hope we will find another reefer or two to park next to tonight so that I can get some sleep.  I gotta have my white noise.

We were loaded and heading out the security gate around 10:30am this morning, thinking that we were still leaving early enough to miss most of the "weekend  warriors" heading back home, and we might have just made it through, except for the drivers not paying attention and rear ending each other about every mile or two.  I swear, (and I have been known to),  we must have passed at least 6 fender benders in a 15 mile area.  I feel happy just to have escaped being a victim of someone else's inattention to the flow of traffic.

After making it over the Grapevine, we decided  to stop for a short break at the TA truck stop in Wheeler Ridge, CA where we encountered those "weekend warriors" again.  I'm not used to having to wait in line at a truck stop restroom, except for holidays and weekends, where the once fairly uninhabited truck stop is overflowing with people and kids.  We made a quick getaway and headed back out onto the freeway, where doing battle with them is much easier in the comfort of our A/C cooled truck.

This was one of the days that Craig wished that he didn't have to drive.  Just didn't have it in him, but with no extra time factored into this load, which by the way, needs to be in Yakima, WA Tuesday morning, he had to power through any laziness he felt and drive onward.  We quickly grew tired of counting how many other TWT trucks we saw heading in the opposite direction, and were soon lost in our own personal thoughts.  Tonight we will call the company yard in French Camp our home and head right back out as soon as our 10 hour break is over, and waiting to see what Monday will bring our way in the form of entertainment along the highways of California and Oregon.

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Those rolls are bigger than you can buy at costco LOL :)


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