Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Not much of interest on our drive up to Yakima, WA.  We did have quite a few trucks hauling tomatoes pass us by.  Witnessed a lot of vehicles pulled over by law enforcement, thankfully we weren't one of them, and made it into La Pine, OR Monday night, where we experienced one heck of a lightning and thunder display, followed by 30 minutes of rain.  With that storm came much cooler temperatures than what we have had the previous few days, so we took advantage of the windows being down until the flies came to visit and  then we rolled the windows back up and went about fly hunting.
This morning we were up earlier than we liked, at 2am, and drove the remaining 250 miles into Yakima, WA.  The large rolls of plastic wrap were unloaded from our trailer, and then, much to our surprise, large rolls of plastic wrap were loaded back into our trailer to take to their other plant in Hollister, CA.  I had to see for myself, and of course take a picture, judge for yourself, but I found very little difference in the rolls of plastic wrap we delivered, and the ones we are now hauling to Hollister.  But, it is not for us to understand, just drive, so off we went to scale the load and make a return trip right back on the same route we had just drove a few hours earlier.
We stopped in Biggs, OR for fuel, and with what remaining driving hours that Craig had left, made the decision to stay put and head back out again around 3am.  I can't say that I minded much, we are at the Pilot truck stop, right along the Columbia River.  I took this photo as we were crossing the bridge from the Washington side to the Oregon side.  With scenery like this, I could manage to stay for awhile.


Mom said...

You do see the prettiest scenery!

all things bradbury said...

beautiful!!.....we wonder alot too when we are going in one direction and see a truck that we know is carrying the same thing headed to where we just came from......but we keep doing it anyway......lol

VBob said...

Hi Craig and Diane, VBob here. I sure enjoy your blog. Since I quit driving I pilot this chair in my office. Your great pictures and stories help settle the Jones I sometimes get for the road.

Be safe.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

VBob =

Thanks for visiting the blog. As we like to say, we can never have too many people coming along with us on our journey along the highways. You're welcome anytime!


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