Friday, July 09, 2010


The last couple of days have been nothing more than a blur. We left Kennewick, WA on Wednesday morning at 1am and rolled into Auburn, WA thirty minutes ahead of our 6am appointment time. Shortly thereafter, we were given a dock and Craig backed in and took to his bed to get some sleep. I, like a fool, stayed up and watched the activity going on around us, to include a small airstrip, where I enjoyed the small planes taking off and landing. I also had a great view of Mt. Rainier. As the detention pay added up, I watched as the clock kept ticking, until we were finally empty at 10am. Craig, who had managed to take a good long nap, was feeling a little chipper, and called into to say he still had hours to run if they had someplace to send us. As busy as it has been the last couple of weeks, I heard Craig tell dispatcher we would be on our way, while I waited to hear what the assignment was. We were told to fuel, wash out, and drop our trailer at AB Foods in Toppenish, WA for what we would only guess would be a load of meat at a later time. The question was, when would it be, and if we would need to get what sleep we could before having to drive all night again? We stopped in North Bend, WA to fuel up the trailer, and then headed to Toppenish for the trailer wash out. When that was done, we checked in at the guard shack, had them sign off on the clean trailer, and then dropped it in their yard.

Now what? That was an easy question to answer, head down the street to the Casino! Still not knowing what the plan might be, Craig called into dispatch to see if we needed to sleep or play, and play it would be. YIPEE.....we would get some sleep and get to play too. With that kind of good luck going our way, we headed into the Casino to check it out. We managed to play a good hour on the slots without losing any money. Then it was off to the truck, where we managed to stay up until around 7pm before getting some much needed sleep. We got a solid 12 hours of sleep and boy did we ever need that. We decided since we were just bob tailing, to head into town this morning and check it out. I love small towns that still have that "old" feeling. Toppenish is even known as the Town of Murals, as most of the businesses display painted murals on the side of the buildings.We stopped for breakfast at a little diner, and then drove back to the Casino where we tried our luck again. Another hour playing slots and we still managed to walk away with what we went in with. When we got back to the truck, our dispatch came across the QualComm. No surprise that we are in deed picking up a load of meat from AB Foods and then we have two in Modesto, CA and one in Fresno, CA.

Now doesn't that work out great? When we make our delivery in Modesto, my Mom will drive there and pick me up so I can stay and visit for awhile, and Craig will be loaded down with all kinds of home cooked food. My Mom has been preparing for this transfer for the last couple of days. It looks like a win win situation for everyone concerned.


Cori said...

What a cute little town!

It sounds like everything is working out after all for a visit in Modesto. I'm so glad.

12 hours of sleep? Man, that sounds GOOD!


Anonymous said...

What a neat town

Mom said...

I thought about you as we drove down the I-5 today enjoying the view of Mt Rainier.

Anonymous said...

In all the blogs I read you would think that when your given an appointment time that the trailers would be ready to go when either unloading or loading. No wonder everyone is in a hurry

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Anon -

You have no idea how much the shippers and receivers not conforming to appointment times messes with the hours of service laws that truck drivers have to abide by.

It's time that they be held accountable as much as the truck drivers, and then the trucking world will be that much better!


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