Monday, July 05, 2010


This is as close to any 4th of July celebration we got to yesterday, passing by this colorful balloon arch. You know, I used to think that holidays were only missed by the people that worked in public safety, (law enforcement, fire department, medical field). Lord knows having been in law enforcement for almost 30 years, I missed holiday celebrations several times a year, but I never really thought about truck drivers.......until Craig became one.

While I read about everyone's activities on facebook, their BBQ's, family gatherings, baseball games, and firework displays, I thought to myself, if anyone really even gives a thought to the men and women behind getting all the food and products delivered? I'll admit, that I never gave it much thought before jumping in with both feet into the trucking world.

Let's face it, if trucking was to stop today, the Country would be brought to it's knees. It's as vital as the police and fire protection you demand, but doesn't get anywhere near the respect it deserves. In fact, be honest with yourself, and think about how many times you muttered a curse word or two, when you have been stuck behind a big rig trying to make it up a hill. Or yesterday, when we got the good old one finger salute because we delayed a driver a minute or two until they could pass us.

Until society truly understands the importance of trucks and the people that drive them, we will always be considered "less than" in some people's eyes. I was guilty of it in my past life, but my eyes have been opened. So the next time you see a truck, be thankful that there are still people willing to be apart from their families, to drive the food and products you want to that store near you. A friendly wave, instead of the one finger salute, would be welcomed too!

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