Thursday, July 01, 2010


I can say, that the 6 hours of sleep we got while parked in the yard of the trailer repair shop, with the windows open, was the best sleep we have had in a few days! We were up at 7am on Wednesday, when the employees started showing up to work, and by the time Craig got dressed and walked into the office, they were already on the job checking on parts for the repair. They had us back the trailer into one of their work bays, where they went about replacing some valves and lines that were blown off when the air bag exploded. That was the easy part, the hard part? Finding an air bag to replace the shredded one. As we watched the clock slowly tick, we knew that if the trailer was not repaired by at least 10am, we would never make our first appointment time in Burley, ID. Then came word that they would have to overnight the part and we were looking at at least a day's delay. Fortunately, our company yard had an air bag in our trailer shop, and someone was dispatched to Pasco from Spokane to deliver the part.

An hour into that wait, we received a phone call from dispatch saying that they would reassign the load to a team who would be able to complete all the deliveries, and that we would be reassigned to a load out of the cold storage facility across the street from Tyson. Upon arriving, we were told to obtain an empty trailer out of the back lot, to which we found only 1, and would you believe it was red tagged for repairs? With Craig's knowledge of reefers, he checked out the error codes on the unit, and found that all it really needed was a bit of coolant to get the level back to normal, and for the error code to reset.

With a now fully functioning trailer, we pulled it across the street and into the dock to get loaded. Three hours later and 38,000 pounds heavier, we were headed south. This load is destined for Wilmington, CA for a Friday morning delivery, but with Craig's limited driving hours the next couple of days, we will take it only as far as French Camp. We stayed in La Pine, OR last night, and will make the last 460 miles into French camp this evening, where we will drop the trailer in the yard.
In other news, this morning while I was checking my blog, I happily noticed that I had reached a milestone.........over 100,000 page views to the blog in the last 4 and a half years. I don't know who the lucky person was that had the actual 100,000 hit, but I managed to be second and took a photo of it for prosperity. Thanks to all my fellow bloggers and readers for the help in reaching that milestone!


Bookerz said...

When I first read your headline. For some reason I did a word association thing. Milestone somehow ended up 'Blarney Stone' and then twisted to 'Bloggy Stone'. At any rate grats on the milestone. Your gift of story telling and sunny desposition make your blog a joy to read.

Jennie said...

Yay! Very cool. And that picture reminds me of a book about trucks I used to read to my oldest. I think it was a trucker named Jim too. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep the stories coming as this is one of the best blogs out there if not the best.

all things bradbury said...



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