Friday, July 02, 2010


I'm pleased to announce the newest truck stop to open on our normal routing on Highway 97. The Crater Lake Junction Travel Center was just completed a few days ago, and is located right next to the Kla-Mo-Ya Casino in Chiloquin, OR. For reference purposes, it is larger than the Pilot in Chemult, but not as large as I first thought it would be. There is probably about 20-25 parking spaces for trucks, with still plenty of room on the out skirts of the parking zones, for the middle of the night ghetto parking that seems to happen when places get full. When we stopped by there today, there was not a truck to be seen. It was almost like everyone is afraid to be the first one to use it. It does have that never been used look to it still, and God willing, those using it in the future keep it that way. We have rarely used the parking lot of the casino prior to the opening of this new travel center, because it just didn't work into our schedule. The one time we did stop there and check out the casino, we were not impressed, but anytime they create additional places for truckers to stop, I'm happy. Speaking of truck stops.....did you all hear the big announcement yesterday? Flying J and Pilot have merged, and part of the merger was that they sell some of their properties to Loves. We found this little bit of info out when we stopped in Corning for a short break and saw them putting up the new Love's signs over the Flying J signs. Plus they had the entire lot closed off as they were changing out the fuel island pumps. I immediately went online to see what the deal was and found the big announcements on both the Love's and Flying J websites. According to the press release, we can all expect to see some updating of a lot of the truck stops we currently use, and again, I'm all for that!

We dropped our trailer of boxed meat in the yard in French Camp and with only about 6 hours for us to use today, they managed to find us a run up to Santa Rose and Napa to pick up some wine and take it back to French Camp again. Not exactly sure how that will pan out with the Bay Area holiday traffic, but anytime you can head up to the Napa Valley is a good thing to me. I'll let you know how it turns out on my next entry.


all things bradbury said...

you are a "wealth" of information!!...thanks for the heads up about the new you, i'm always happy over new places to park and clean new showers!!....we hadn't heard about the flyn j/pilot merger either so that was very interesting news....for a couple of months now there has been a sign up near where we live in wv that a pilot truckstop was coming soon and we couldn't figure out what the delay we're wondering if the project was on hold till the merger went thru....we will let ya know if we ever actually get also, like you, i love going up into the wine country and seeing all the beautiful vineyards.....have fun and stay safe!!

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Im glad the extra Flying j's didn't become empty lots.

I know the one in Fife is a rat hole, but its the only real truck stop for Seattle! Compared to Portland with 3 in the city and two more just south.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Aaron -

The Flying J in Fife and the one in Troutdale will be switched over to a Love's with the merger. Hopefully it will get a nice remodel in the deal!


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