Thursday, July 22, 2010


Now this is how trucking should always be. An easy, nice paced assignment, driving anywhere from 350-450 miles a day, no hurry to get anywhere, and time to stop and smell the roses, or in our case, stop and enjoy a freshly brewed frappuccino. Which is exactly what we did this morning in the small town of Doris, CA. We have passed this little coffee shack many times in our travels, and always wanted to stop, and today was our lucky day. Yesterday, we left Pacific, WA at 6am and headed to Othello, WA with a stop in North Bend, WA for fuel. After checking in at McCain Foods, and finding out our payload would be in excess of 44,000 pounds, we were happy to have their on site scale to deal with the weight issues. Being just 400 pounds shy of the 80,000 pound gross limit, we trudged our way out of their property and decided to get at least to the border of Oregon at Biggs Junction for the evening. We pulled in around 4:30pm and grabbed one of the last remaining spots that were available. This morning, Craig was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4am! I guess the fact that he was fast asleep by 7pm the night before had a lot to do with him being so energized so early in the morning. I dragged myself out of bed, and by 5am we were watching the sun rise as we made our way south. We did come upon a wicked accident on Highway 97 involving what was left of a small passenger car and a big rig. Looked from our vantage point that the passenger car veered into the path of the big rig from the marks on the pavement of the initial impact. Never a good outcome when that happens.After our stop in Doris, CA for that yummy frappuccino, we traveled onward to Corning, CA where we will make our home for the evening. We'll take advantage of the use of the showers at the truck stop, maybe enjoy a nice hot breakfast in the morning, and then continue south to Wheeler Ridge on Friday, where we will stage for our delivery in Oxnard on Saturday morning.


Txjerry2 said...

Hey you two. I have been following your travels for a couple years now. I have noticed that you no longer link the pictures to the larger original. Always liked that feature. Especially when you took a picture of something interesting, like the potato trailer, you could check out the details a lot easier from the larger shot. Just something I like. Thanks for all the great stories and pictures.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Txjerry2 -

I haven't altered how I input my photos into my blog, so I'm no really sure as to why you can't click on them to enlarge them to get more detail. I'll have to check into it and see if I can correct that issue.

Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for being a follower of our blog.


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