Saturday, July 24, 2010


We did a really lame thing Thursday.  We were so eager to get situated in Corning, CA and settle in with our computers, that we forgot about the fuel situation in the reefer.  With the temperature outside well into the 100's, the reefer was finding it hard to even maintain the -10 degrees we needed for the french fries.  With it running continuously, the fuel was getting sucked up quicker than we have been used to, and around 8pm, when Craig did one last check on the trailer, he saw that the fuel gauge was under 1/4 full.  We had plans to sleep until 5am and take showers and have breakfast, but what we ended up doing was getting about 4 hours of sleep, getting up at 1am and fueling the truck and reefer and hitting the road.  We weren't comfortable waiting until morning, and well, we'll just chalk that one up as a lesson learned.

Since we were up so darn early driving on Friday morning, we took advantage of the lack of traffic and enjoyed having the road to ourselves, well except for the wrong way driver on the freeway.  I kid you not, we hear about these things all the time, and here we were happily engaged in conversation, when we saw the approaching headlights of a car on our side of the freeway.  It wasn't until the car had passed us that it really sunk in what had just happened.  By that time, we saw the CHP unit rolling code to catch up to the vehicle.  I can only hope CHP got the car stopped before any accidents happened.

If we weren't wide awake before, we were then, and continued on our way to the company yard in French Camp to scan in our last trip, fill up our water jugs, and use the facilities.  Then it was off to Santa Nella, CA where we did stop to have breakfast.  With full stomachs we drove on into Wheeler Ridge where we staged for our delivery in Oxnard as the temperature registered 108 degrees outside.  Heat shields were activated around the windows and we settled in for the night.
This morning we were up early to take showers and then hit the road for our 8am delivery.  As we took Hwy 126 off of Interstate 5, we came upon the wonderful marine layer of fog that had settled in over the land.  I looked as it read 58 degrees and thought to myself, "why can't every place we have to go in the summer be this cool?".  We arrived at Seaboard Produce in Oxnard shortly before our 8am appointment, and would you believe a mere 6 hours later they had us unloaded.  We sat around, watching as the detention pay piled up, almost 5 1/2 hours before finally getting into a dock.  Then it took them only 30 minutes to unload us.  Oh well, we can't complain too much, they are allowing us to stay on their property tonight since our next assignment is only 80 miles away in La Marada, CA Sunday morning.
Right now, for the first time in quite awhile, the windows are down, the sky is overcast, the temperature is barely 60 degrees, and I think I am in heaven!  I really could enjoy summers here!

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Linda said...

Give a shout out to my friends in La Mirada. I graduated from L.M. High 1972. Ugh...
Be safe and enjoy the view.


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