Saturday, July 17, 2010


While the new QualComm was being installed in the truck on Thursday, Craig received a phone call from Driver Services, asking if he would be able to give a ride to a new driver down to Bloomington, CA so that he could pick up the truck that has been assigned to him. Craig had just been advised of his new assignment, which would take him first to Hermiston, OR to pick up a very heavy load of frozen french fries, over 44,000 pounds, and take them to Long Beach, CA.His pick up appointment was at 9:30pm, so after retrieving the truck from the shop, and loading up his new passenger, he headed off towards Hermiston, OR. A couple of hours later, they were loaded and scaled, but having to do the fuel stop shuffle, due to weight issues, and not being able to have more than a half a tank of fuel on board. Craig drove all night, (just can't seem to get away from that dreaded night driving), and pulled into La Pine, OR around 6am.

From there, Kelvin the newly signed off solo driver, took over the driving duties while Craig got some sleep in the bunk. Kelvin drove through the day until they got to Santa Nella, CA where Craig took over the driving duties, which would have him driving into the middle of the night once again. By 3am they were finally at the company yard in Bloomington, with Craig saying adios to Kelvin as he went searching for his assigned truck, and Craig getting some non moving sleep.

Craig was informed while on the way down to Bloomington, that as soon as he was able to put in his mandatory break, to drop his trailer in the yard, and dead head to Fresh Express in Salinas, CA as they were in desperate need of empty trailers. So this afternoon he will be on the move again, headed north, but will run out of hours just shy of Salinas. He will do another mandatory break, and then reach Salinas early Sunday morning. With any luck, I'll be back in the truck by Sunday afternoon.

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