Saturday, May 22, 2010


This was my view Friday morning for a couple of hours as I followed Craig as he left the Company yard in Spokane. He was headed to Wallula, WA to drop his empty trailer at the Tyson meat plant, and I was headed to my BFF Cori's home in Walla Walla, WA. As we suspected when we finished up our previous load at the Safeway DC in Spokane on Thursday morning, after waiting only 3 hours to unload instead of the 5 we thought they would take, we were told to head to the yard to await our next assignment. That waiting lasted until late Thursday afternoon when Craig was told to go to Tyson and drop the trailer. No actual dispatch information yet, but obviously one would be in his future.So as I merrily went on my way to Walla Walla, Craig had the pleasure of staging in the oh so wonderful smelling staging area at Tyson, waiting to hear what his assignment would be. I enjoyed looking at the patterns of the alfalfa drying in the fields, and missed being higher up in the big truck to get a better shot. In no time at all I had arrived at my destination and began enjoying my visit by doing a little bit of junking at yard sales. My friend Cori has a small retail space in a Country Store in town, and has become adept at finding vintage treasures to sell and refurbish. We had quite the busy first day of my two week stay, which will end with the grand finale of going to the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane on June 5th.

Around noon Craig called saying he had his dispatch and was already hooked up and heading down the street to scale. He has a load of boxed meat headed to three different locations for a Monday delivery: Vernon, Oxnard, and El Monte, CA. With his driving hours looking just a tad bit slim, he could only make it to a small rest area just north of Madras, OR and was there and comfortably kicking back and playing his computer games by 4pm. He'll have a nice couple of weekend days to travel to get him down to the Grapevine to stage on Sunday night for his deliveries on Monday. As for me? Cori has a long list of fun, crafty projects, that will keep us very busy over the next two weeks!


all things bradbury said...

i wanna go!!! i've read about the farm chicks & the show for along time now but have never been in theright place at the right time. you gals have some extra fun for me, ok??

Linda said...

I read about the Farm Chick web site sounds fun.
Enjoy your junking.


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