Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Quoting a line from the movie Forrest Gump, "Me and Craig goes together like peas and carrots", and wouldn't you know it, our latest assignment actually has us hauling peas and carrots, and a slew of other frozen vegtables. When we went empty in Auburn,WA at 8:30am, we were dispatched to Stanwood, WA for a load picking up at 9:30am. Stanwood is 80 miles from Auburn, and with the Seattle morning commute traffic, we relayed into dispatch that we would not make our appointment time, but that we would get there as soon as possible. Two hours later we arrived. I don't think there was any worries about the actual appointment time, as the Twin City Foods facility looked like a ghost town. We were the only ones there and as soon as we were backed into a dock, they were loading the vegtables into the trailer. Then it was a return trip back down Interstate 5 through Seattle, but at least this time, the commute traffic had thinned out. We managed to get through Portland as traffic was becoming congested and darted into the TA truck stop in Aurora, OR for our fuel stop. It was there, that Craig noticed an air leak in one of the truck air bags, so it was decided that we would stay put for the night and take care of the air leak in the morning.
Up at 5am for showers and then to the shop for the repairs, only to find out that they did not have the part in stock and that they would have to wait for the dealership in Portland to open before they could get it. What option did we have. but to kick back and enjoy a hot breakfast while we waited in the coffee shop? And that's exactly what we did.Currently this is our view from inside the shop while we wait for the part to arrive. With any luck we will be out of here within the hour and on our way south towards Riverside, CA where we will be parting ways with our vegtables............and "That's all I have to say about that".

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