Monday, May 31, 2010


As my days in Walla Walla come quickly to an end this week, we are still working hard on projects and finding treasures at yard sales and thrift stores. Our latest project was this old office chair we found neglected at a yard sale for only $5. I knew right away it was a solid piece of furniture, with many years under it's belt, and the perfect specimen for a face lift. Cori and I conferred and agreed it needed a rustic charm, so we decided to recover it in burlap. Cori put the crowning touch, (pun intended) by doing a hot transfer design of a crown on the back support piece. After that was completed, I took to the garage with my upholstery tacks feeling a bit like Geppetto. But after I was done, we loved what we had created. For an additional $2 worth of material, and a total cost of $7, I think we found a real treasure! In trucking news, Craig enjoyed his 24 hours of down time, until I called him bright and early Sunday morning and woke him up. Oh well, it was a great excuse for him to treat himself to a hot breakfast at the diner before heading over to Kennewick, WA to pick up his load of frozen french fries. While there, he noticed a bad spot on one of his trailer tires that he had not seen on his pre inspection earlier in the morning.

A call to road service brought out an on call tire guy to respond to change out the bad tire. By 2pm he was finally on his way south, headed towards Bakersfield which will be his first drop of four on this load. While he is busy driving tomorrow, Cori and I will continue to take on and repurpose some yard sale finds before it will be time for me to pack up and head home.

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The Daily Rant said...

This chair looks awesome. I like the crown motif.


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