Sunday, May 16, 2010


After leaving Othello, WA we had a fuel stop at Biggs Junction at the Pilot. We took that opportunity to try out the new frappe's at the McDonald's there. Being a Starbucks snob, I got to admit, they are pretty darn good. The Pilot was the usual tangle of trucks trying to inch their way to the fuel island, always at least two or three deep. We really detest having to go there, but the frappe's took the pain out of it.

We called it a night in LaPine, OR where taking into consideration other driver's around us, knowing we had a Carrier reefer, which can quite literally wake the dead, we parked as far away from everyone as we could. As I have mentioned here before, I love having the reefer running, and Craig doesn't mind it either, except for Carriers where it can be quite loud even for him on the top bunk.

After eating our fruit and granola bar for breakfast, Craig went about doing his pre trip inspection and noticed a very slight air leak on an air line on the trailer. He tightened the coupler and that seemed to do the trick. We stopped a ways down the road in Chemult, OR to check on the air line again, and found that it had gotten worse. A quick call to Road Service had us driving into Klamath Falls where they would have a on call service tech come to our location at Molly's truck stop. When we arrived, we checked on the air line again and couldn't hear anything. Craig dumped the air in the lines, filled them back up again, we pulled and pushed, twisted and turned the lines and nothing. Not a bit of air was escaping from them no matter how hard we tried. Another call into road service had them canceling the service call, as we would keep an eye on it throughout the day. Around 3pm we finally pulled into our yard in French Camp, CA happy to have not received a call to repower a load, or be detained with repairs. My Mother and Niece arrived to pick me up, armed with a trunk full of food for Craig. You would have thought that the poor guy never gets fed with the haul he took in when he handed me off to my Mother. As I drove away, Craig was seen happily retreating to the comfort of his truck, no doubt busy sampling all those goodies. Let's just hope he remembers to pick me again on his way back through!

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Anonymous said...

me thinks Craig has it made! Getting a stash like that is ghotta be cool!


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