Monday, May 17, 2010


If they don't already, there really should be a warning label on glue guns that you will, with all certainty, burn your fingers should you decide to use one. I had been thinking of a little craft project while out on the truck, and decided to act on it while I am at my Mom's house. It's simple really, find yourself a round Styrofoam ball, or any circular object, and cover it in buttons. I used solely metal buttons, gold and silver, and different sizes of balls, and after muttering to myself under my breath a few times, and at first hating the looks of it, grew to like it as I finished it. Not sure if the mere fact that I finished it, weighed heavily on the liking part of it or not. My Mom didn't have any qualms about claiming the gold one as hers and proudly took possession of it and placed it on her dining room table. I tend to go more towards silver, so I made one for me, and since I had so many more gold buttons than silver, I went ahead and made a smaller one as well. If I can handle getting more blisters on my fingers from the glue gun, I just may have a stab at making one more today since I have quite a few more buttons to use.

While I was busy causing pain and mayhem on my fingers, Craig had a leisurely day on Sunday driving under 300 miles into Wheeler Ridge, CA to set up for his delivery of the frozen french fries in Oxnard this morning. No doubt when he goes empty he will either get sent to Port Hueneme for pineapples or maybe up Highway 101 to pick up strawberries. I don't really care much what he gets, as long as he swings back by French Camp, CA on his way back and picks me up. I could use some TLC for my mangled fingers!


Cori said...

They are SO PRETTY!

I love them! Such great display accents for bowls and urns, etc. There's something about old buttons that just gets me...ha!

Being a frequent user of the glue gun, I KNOW what you're talking about sisgter! No matter how careful you are, you always get burned! NOTE: Side story...Allison just started shaving her legs and I gave her similar words of wisdom about that (although the woman's razors ar much better now).

Now here's something you can try that I used for my snowman ornaments. You can get it at Michael's and JoAnn's-Fabric-Tac glue. It's basically the same as hot glue but not hurt. It should work well. There is also a special glue just for styrofoam to try.

I can't wait to see them in person! Better yet, I can't wait to see YOU in person.



all things bradbury said...

those are so pretty....and what a neat idea.....i think even covered in pastel plastic buttons would be nice mixed in with easter/spring decorations.....and all white ones would also be good.....sorry about your burnt fingers, but sometimes "art" love them!

Barb said...

I love the button balls. I might just have to try that myself. Did you paint the styrofoam first or just left them white?


The Daily Rant said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! I have a question though - how is it that the styrofoam doesn't show through? Do you put a layer of fabric or something under them? This is a great way to make inexpensive accent pieces for your home. Where did you get all the buttons?


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