Saturday, May 15, 2010


While relaxing in our bunks late afternoon on Thursday, we had the windows and vents open, letting the cool breezes keep us very comfortable, we heard this continuous yapping of a dog. I looked out our window to see a small dog, sitting in the drivers seat of a truck parked next to us. With their windows rolled down as well, it was impossible to ignore the barking. We were left with having to close the vents and windows and fire up the APU to drown it out.

A couple of hours later we tried again with the windows open and upon not hearing anything we drifted off to sleep..............only to be awakened by the non stop barking again at 4am. I rolled the windows up for Craig and not being able to go back to sleep, I decided to head into the driver's lounge to take a shower. I saw a lone driver sitting at a table eating breakfast as I walked in and gave him a cheerful "good morning". I then asked if he was the owner of the yellow truck with the dog. I kid you not, this was that conversation.He nodded his head in the affirmative that he was indeed the owner. I then asked, "are you aware that when you are not in your truck that your dog barks continuously"? He looks at me and says "yep", I try to continue the conversation and say, "are you aware how difficult it is to try and sleep while your dog is barking"? Once again I get a very sarcastic "yep". Alrighty then. It was then that I knew that trying to have any type of civilized conversation with him wasn't going to happen, so I give up and realized that there are just some very rude, socially awkward people in the world.

We received a dispatch bright and early Friday morning to head to Othello, WA and pick up a load of frozen french fries. On the way there, I was busy reading all the blogs I do on a daily basis, and read about Trucking Tiger and his BBQ and real fried pork skins he had recently in North Carolina. After his description of this tasty morsels, I am making it a point when we travel to that neck of the woods to give them a try, and hopefully without the heartburn afterwards.We arrived in Othello right on time for our appointment and watched as all around us various activities involving potatoes were going on. There were the trucks loaded with fresh from the ground potatoes being conveyed into the warehouse, and some peeled and cut potatoes being tossed onto a conveyor belt up to a large holding bin. After about 2 hours of watching this activity around us, we were finally loaded, scaled, sealed, and on our way south.This load is headed to Oxnard, CA to Seaboard Produce, where it will be placed on a cargo ship headed to Nicaragua. If all goes as planned, Craig will be dropping me off in French Camp, CA on the way down to Oxnard, for a couple of days to visit with my Mom. However, the way things have gone lately, we can't be too sure if we'll actually make it down that way before we might be needed to repower a load again, but we're going to give it our best shot.


Mom said...

Rude people do make the rest of us look good.

Anonymous said...

how about a couple pics of the yards

Plum Trucker said...

What a jerk!! Like he doesn't know how vital getting down time and sleep is to not care about his dog distrubing that for everyone! But you are right there are just rude, thoughtless people out there. That is something I have been experiencing in class. This one guy always says the wrong thing. He is just, like you said, "socially awkward". Oh well. ANYWHO...Hope you guys make it to see Craig's mom! Goodluck!

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Anon -

Great idea, I'll do a post soon on the yards and lounges.

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for the shout outs on this post! Ill tell you what, if you will email me your address (or your moms), I will send you some of these skins when I get home in a few days! You will LOVE them. Just have some tums or alka seltzer handy. LOL.


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