Thursday, May 27, 2010


And the projects just keep coming, but this one has a special place in my heart.....because it belongs to me. I rescued this old foot stool at the local thrift store. It stole my heart the minute I saw it stashed away, long forgotten in the corner, with a price tag too steep for anyone to even give it a second look......except for me. I fell in love with it but couldn't bring myself to pay the listed price. I stayed away for a couple of days and went back. It pained me, but when I had the salesperson come over to me, I pointed out all the flaws it had, which I'm sure caught everyone else's attention as well. But I could see past the flaws to the gem it would be, and after detailing what I saw, asked if maybe the price could be reduced. It was music to my ears when I heard a price that fit within my budget. A little espresso brown spray paint, and a beautiful tapestry yard of fabric later, it was transformed into this: And because I had plenty of fabric left over, I made this pillow to go along with it. It was a good day enjoying a new hobby of thrift store shopping. In trucking news, Craig as hhad a nice long trip up Interstate 5. After leaving the company yard in Bloomington Wednesday morning, he made the uneventful drive into Corning, CA. Today, he left Corning, under grey and raining skies, and made his way to Toledo, WA to stage for his delivery in Puyallup 80 miles away. After his 5am delivery, he will have all of a total of 3.5 hours left on his 70 hour driving clock. We don't suspect he'll get much of anything except maybe a dreaded night driving run into Spokane....but we can always hope for the best!


Barbara said...

You are so clever!

Anonymous said...

So he is to blame for the rain in the Northwest.


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