Monday, May 24, 2010


It didn't take long to delve into the list of projects that my friend Cori had. She found these great old school desks at a thrift store for only $5 each. After thinking of different approaches to tackle making them usable, we came up with painting them entirely, and then painting the desktop in chalkboard paint. She had three of them, and since Memorial Day is right around the corner, we decided to paint them red, white, and blue. I think they turned out great and would be a wonderful addition to a child's room as an alternative to a desk when there is limited room.On the trucking side of things, Craig left the rest stop he stayed at on Saturday morning, and had a pleasant day of driving which ended with him making it all the way into French Camp, CA. While there, he was able to use the laundry and shower facilities. He was on the move early Sunday morning, and made it into Lebec, CA where he staged for his Monday morning deliveries. He will be getting up and leaving by 3am to make his first delivery in Vernon, CA at 5am. From there he will have two more stops, one in Oxnard, and the last being in El Monte. No doubt by the time he is completely unloaded, he will be close to the end of of his 14 hour clock, where he will head to the Company yard in Bloomington and await to see what Tuesday has in store for him.

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