Monday, May 10, 2010


After our night at the quirky little stop in Pollard Flats, we headed out for a nice day of driving on Saturday. We originally were planning on going all the way into the company yard in Pacific, WA, but after stopping in Portland, OR at the Jubitz Truck Stop to fuel and get the truck washed, we decided to drive only as far as Toledo, WA to Gee Cee's Truck Stop. It was so nice weather wise there, that we had the pleasure of being able to sleep with the vents and windows open.

We woke up at 4:30 to a rather brisk cool pre dawn morning, and quickly got dressed and warmed up. We only had 85 miles to go to the Fred Meyer DC in Puyallup, WA to deliver the strawberries. While being unloaded, Craig and I made out phone calls to our Mothers to wish them a Happy Mother's Day. After going empty at 10am, we were told to drop our empty trailer there and bob tail to our yard in Pacific. We took the opportunity to hit the Fred Meyer Store about a mile away to stock up on supplies.We could have stayed in their deli area for hours looking at all the great food they were offering. It was a hard decision to only pick a few items, as our refrigerated space is limited. The Starbucks kiosk nearby soon took my full attention as we enjoyed our mid morning cafeine fix as we continued shopping the grocery aisles.

We had been given a new assignment when we returned to the truck which would essentially give us the rest of the day off. We were to hook up to a loaded trailer of juice and take it to the Safeway DC in Auburn, WA a mere 8 miles away. We kicked back and took to our laptops the remainder of the day/evening, with a break to talk to another TWT driver that was also in the yard with a delivery for Safeway too. This morning we awoke to rain and grey skies. We are presently sitting at the Safeway, in a dock, waiting for our paperwork. From here we have no idea where we will be headed, but our fridge is full, Craig's hours are good, and I have the new issue of People magazine. Life is good.


all things bradbury said...

well, it sounds like we are practically neighbors delivered in kent and are now down in fife at the fed ex waiting on a load....did you and craig order up these gloomy skies???....

Pat said...

Funny you say your fridge space is limited and yet you have 53' of fridge in the back. You'd think they'd make those trailers will a little side cubby for the drivers.

I guess you'd have to empty it every time you changed trailers.


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