Saturday, May 01, 2010


Although it was nice to spend a night in a great hotel with the best beds we have ever slept in, we really wanted to be back in the truck. After we checked out the hotel, we stopped by WalMart to see about getting my glasses fixed. I have had them under a year, and a couple of weeks ago, as I was cleaning them, they broke in half. Gotta love their 12 month warranty on broken glasses, and having my exact frame in stock, because in under 10 minutes I was walking out sporting my glasses again.

We then went to the yard to check on the truck, but found that they were still doing the service on it and that it would be a few hours yet. That was reason enough to go across the street and take in a movie at the Petro truck stop. We timed it just right as Avatar was being shown and had just started. Great movie, and I can only imagine what it must have been like to see it on the big screen in 3D.

After the movie we went back to check on the truck again, and all that our shop could do was done, however, we needed to take it over to ThermoKing to see about why the APU was still not working. I followed Craig over there, left the truck for service, and drove over to the nearest Applebee's for an early dinner. With our stomachs full, we drove back to ThermoKing to kind our truck ready to be picked up. Seems when it was in Portland last week, after the condenser fan was replaced, the service tech forgot to reconnect a cable or two which caused it to shut off after 1 minute of running.

So now the truck is fully repaired, (keeping fingers crossed on that one), and we enjoyed a great night back in our normal beds. We're enjoying our breakfast while waiting for the official dispatch for us to head to Wallula, WA to the Tyson Meat Plant to pick up a load of meat headed to the Central Valley of California. The weather is overcast and rainy, with forecast of snow over the mountain passes, but we'll deal with that when we have to, we're just happy to hit the road again!

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