Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Once again, as soon as we think we got it all figured out, with a nice little run south of over 1,300 miles, comes the beep of the QualComm. We had just left the TA in Aurora, OR after getting the air bag fixed, when we were beeped to stay where we were to repower a load. Great..... I already knew if they were stopping us this early it was going to be a load that would require night driving, and just when we have gotten real used to sleeping at night like normal people. HA

We turn around and head back to the TA to await further information. We're told it would be a Fresh Express load headed to Puyallup, WA for a 5am delivery in the morning. We're not feeling so bad, it's only 175 miles from Aurora and would make for an easy 3hr plus ride.....piece of cake. Feeling really smug, we start to settle in for a nice relaxing day, when we are beeped again with the information that the other driver doesn't have enough hours to get to Aurora, and to head to Rice Hill, OR about 130 miles away.

Well that just added 5 hours onto what was going to be an easy little overnight trip. It messes with Craig's driving hours enough so that we are now going to have to do a split sleeper berth 8 hr break in order to leave early enough tonight to make our appointment time. On top of that we'll most likely get an overnight run out of Puyallup to Spokane. Oh well, we're just happy to have a job we love, and as they say....that's trucking!

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