Sunday, May 02, 2010


Saturday morning we awoke and were anxious to get our dispatch information and trailer assignment. Upon calling into the weekend dispatcher, Craig was told the load we thought we were getting was reassigned, and that he was dealing with some other issues, but to call back in a couple of hours for an update. We took that opportunity to go back to the Petro Truck Stop to take in another movie.

When we called in again, we heard what we never expected to hear....that we were probably looking at Monday before we would have a load. What to do, what to do? Should we pack up our gear and drive home or just stay in the truck, because to be honest with you, we wouldn't be doing anything different at home than a we would in the truck, plus we would have access to our private vehicle if we wanted to go anywhere. Also add to the mix that we had plenty of food on board in the truck, but limited supplies at home. It was a no brainer for us........we stayed in the truck.

Later in the afternoon we received our dispatch to pick up a load of meat in Wallula, WA on Monday at 11:30am and take it to Wilmington, CA either Wednesday or Thursday. Armed with that information we relaxed the rest of the evening and made plans to drive to Wallula on Sunday.

This morning we showered and did laundry, parked the pickup back in the employee parking lot, and headed to Wallula. We will be staying in Pasco tonight, where we can enjoy great TV reception, and I can enjoy another episode of "The Amazing Race". Then armed with fresh hours we'll pick up our load tomorrow and drive as far as Craig's driving hours will take us. It may have taken a few days longer than we liked, but we're back rolling again!

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