Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SAY WHAT??????

As we passed by this sign, I had to do a double take. Did it really say what I thought it said? I knew I had to take a picture of it the next time we rolled by it, like this morning, and it did indeed say ........."WE NOW SERVE GOOD FOOD". Makes me nervous to think about what they served before! To be honest, it doesn't even give me that much confidence to try eating there now. I think if I were them, I'd look for a different ad campaign to lure people in.Craig was sound asleep by 3pm Tuesday afternoon, after being up all night and driving. We got as far as Redding, CA where his driving hours ran out. He slept for 12 hours, and by 4am we were on the road again. It was an uneventful drive up Interstate 5 and then onto Highway 97, with the usual road kill providing feasts for the scavenger birds who successfully flew out of our way as we passed by. The Pilot truck stop in Biggs, OR was the usual cluster. It doesn't matter what time you are there, the fuel islands are always packed and slow moving, but with an afternoon treat of a mocha frappe again from McDonald's, we didn't seem to mind the delay.
We powered on into Pasco, WA to one of our drop yards, as Craig's driving hours were again maxed out. This will set us up nicely with about 140 miles to our delivery in Spokane,WA at 8am at the Safeway DC. We're planning on it being a slow unload due to the multiple items and invoices that will have to be inventoried. I had to take a picture of them, there were 19 in all, which is very unusual for us, as we never have more than a few pages normally. Our only concern is getting something out of Spokane, as it seems that the last few times we have been there it has taken a day to get back out. When Craig does get his next assignment, I will be staying behind again. I know, what a life I lead, hopping on and off the truck whenever the mood hits, but honestly, how can I turn down staying at my BFF Cori's cottage on their property and being pampered and spoiled. It gives me an idea of how Craig feels whenever his Mother or my Mother is around him. I'll stay with Cori until Craig comes in for a couple of days of home time the first week of June. That will give Cori and I an opportunity to take in the Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane on June 5th. Yep, I love my life!

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