Saturday, May 08, 2010


As most of the followers of my blog know, ever since we switched to the refrigerated division of our company two years ago, our lives have pretty much been spent going up and down Interstate 5. It was a big change from when we were on the marine division, and delivered boats all over the USA and Canada. We never knew from dispatch to dispatch where we would be headed, and what we would encounter. These days, staying mainly on one route, although at times mundane, it also offers up a sense of comfort and security of knowing every turn and bump of the road, and some of those bumps can quite literally jolt the laptop right off my lap. Yesterday, when we received our latest assignment, I knew we would be spending a bit of time on a portion of Highway 101 which we have never traveled before in the truck. We enjoyed viewing portions of the Pacific coastline, saw thousands and thousands of acres of grape vineyards, wondered why of all the military bases they closed, they kept Camp Roberts open, and just enjoyed the change of pace from our normal routine. Some times we are asked if we ever get tired of the same routing, and I have to be honest.......we don't. Case in point was yesterday evening. We decided to stop at a place we have never been to before, Pollard Flats at exit 712 on Interstate 5. It is a hole in the wall place with a large lot for truck parking. Upon entering the store/restaurant, there is barley room to turn around, and is the smallest little store I have ever seen. Attached to it are several rooms, including a kitchen and dining area.

I was in need of using the restroom, and having been pointed in the right direction, opened the door of the unisex restroom to find this: I don't think many people would enjoy company while taking care of personal business, but I had to laugh at the quirkiness of this establishment. Throughout the dining area were old antiques and license plates hanging from the wall, along with a rusted old tractor and gas pump in front of the building. So you see, we may travel extensively along the same route day in and day out, but at just about every turn you can find something new and different to discover. Makes life just that much more interesting out on the road.


Aaron the Truck Driver said...

That store at Pollard Flats aint right. They didn't have mannequin in the tub when i was there, but that place was odd. Felt like i was in south, way off the beaten path.

Not that the South is bad, i just got a weird vibe from that place.

all things bradbury said...

we stopped in pollard flats one evening last fall....the girl in the tub was dressed like a saloon gal in red and black then.....i remember walking into the restroom and thinking at first that i'd walked in on couldn't wait to send brad in there to check her
we got to talking to the young couple that runs it...she is from virginia and went to california with her husband to help his grandmother out in the restaurant and then they ended up with it....very nice folks....gonna have to stop there again when we're down that way.....


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