Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Craig loves a challenge. Give him a load assignment that most drivers would say they can't make, and Craig will work with the numbers, and some how find a way to make the delivery and have it be legal. His brain goes into overdrive when he is presented with these loads, and as I have said before, I do believe you can actually see the steam coming out his ears from the brain cells going into over drive figuring out the miles and the hours it will take to get there, within the miles per hour allowed by law.

When he called into dispatch to let them know that the truck was repaired and he was ready to roll, little did he know just how much would be piled on his plate. There was a loaded trailer in the yard in French Camp waiting for him, loaded with bananas, which needed to be in Puyallup, WA by 5am Wednesday morning. No genius needed here to figure out that was impossible for him to complete, but they wanted him to get as far with it as he could, and then relay it off to a team.

The swap occurred in Weed, CA at 4pm, and faster than a speeding bullet, the trailers were swapped, and my man of steel was hooked up to a meat load with a delivery in Stockton, CA for 6am this morning. Brain cells engaged, and it looked like he would just squeak in at the consignee with nary a minute to spare. Off he went south again, and did a quick 8 hour break in Redding, CA. Leaving again at 2am, he had 200 miles to Stockton and 4 hours to do it in.

With no need to leap over tall buildings, Craig pulled into the consignee right on time and checked in for his unload. By 7am he was sitting in a dock, and once he gets a two hour break in, he will be able to legally leave again. That's the good news, the bad news is he only will have three hours left of drive time for the day, and that's just enough to get him to Salinas or to the company yard for yet another load assignment before he turns back into Clark Kent.

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