Saturday, March 06, 2010


Bananas it was after their marathon run of deliveries in Arizona. They got the dispatch Thursday morning with the scheduled pickup not until Friday. That meant that they could do a leisurely seven hour drive to the Casino just outside of San Diego and get another good night's sleep. Friday morning, Craig drove into San Diego, and since this load would be picked up at the Port, Eric would have to be let off the truck prior to arriving because he was not in possession of a TWIC credential.

While Craig was sitting at the Port, Eric managed to find a mall a short distance away and soon found himself occupied. After a three hour wait to get loaded, Craig was calling Eric to be heading towards the previous drop off location while he went to go scale the load, and while he was hopping in and out of the happened.

I didn't hear about it until later. Craig was afraid at first to call me, but somehow he managed to tweak his back again. Flashbacks to 2007 and being stranded in Fort Stockton, TX were all too fresh back in our minds, and as Craig was telling me I felt my heart stop beating. Too many scenarios were going through my mind, and of course throw in worrying about everything. Thankfully, at least Eric was there to drive and he got them to Wheeler Ridge, CA where Craig did a reassessment on his back.

He was wise to start the ibuprofen right away, and to support his lumbar region, and as he gingerly got up when they arrived in Wheeler Ridge, he walked to the restroom and only experienced moderate pain. He continued the ibuprofen and actually got a pretty good night's sleep, and when he awoke this morning, the pain was minimal and we are thinking maybe it is just a muscle pull, or maybe hoping, but in any case, it is not getting worse and seems to be getting better. He will keep a close eye on it as they make their way north to make the delivery of the bananas in Puyallup, WA.

I met up with Craig in French Camp, CA this afternoon and was happy to see him with my own eyes and see that the discomfort he was in was no where near where we were back in 2007. Am I worried still? Of course! The back is never anything to take lightly, but with all the appropriate people notified, we will just have to wait and see what direction his back will take us down.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the back. I hurt my back some time ago. SO every morning I do some simple streches. It seems to help.


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