Saturday, March 27, 2010


When I last saw Craig, he was heading back to Fresh Express in Salinas, CA Thursday night. By the time he arrived it was well after midnight, but thankfully, he was able to find a parking space in one of the three small truck stops withing a two block radius of each other. He still needed to get the trailer washed out before dropping it, but had to wait until the wash out guys showed up to work. Therefore, he slept for a few hours, woke up, got the trailer washed out, dropped it at Fresh Express, and then bob tailed back to the truck stop to get some more sleep before his next assignment was dispatched.I think he managed a few more hours of sleep before he was calling me with an update. Later in the day, the dispatch finally arrived via the QualComm and he was hooked up and heading down the road by 4pm. With what is becoming the norm for just about all the drivers we have talked to, his driving hours would once again play a part in this dispatch. It seems the loads coming from Fresh Express lately have had some mighty tight time tables attached to them, and Craig's latest being one of them. It is due in Seattle by 2am Sunday morning, and no matter how much he would have loved to have made the delivery, it just wasn't possible with what he had to work with.

It was decided that he would have to power through the night and drive from Salinas, CA to Canyonville, OR where he would swap loads with another driver. Around 3:30am this morning, I got an email stating he had arrived safely, made the swap, and was getting some much needed sleep. In his possession now is a loaded trailer with of all things........lumber. This load is headed to Hollister, CA for a Monday morning delivery and within the driving limits of Craig's log book with just a few hours to spare.

It will also allow him to have some time to rest and hopefully catch up on some sleep. I'm sure the fact that he will be able to come through French Camp on Sunday and receive a bounty of home cooked food that my Mom and I will put together for him, will be enticing enough for just about anyone. You know what? I even managed to swing by the bakery down the street and pick up a few of those wienie roll ups, but Shhhhhhhh, don't tell him, we'll just keep that our little surprise for him.

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