Thursday, March 18, 2010


After all the work that has been going on at my Mom's house over the past 7 weeks, we thought it was about time to treat ourselves to a little bit of fun. Early this morning, my Mom and twin Nieces, got into our pickup, and we took off to the one place that brings a smile to just about every woman on the face of the earth.......OUTLET STORES! We had a beautiful drive from Modesto to Gilroy, CA to feast our eyes on over 145 different stores. If you felt you were lacking something in your life, then this was the place to go to try and fill that void. We were under a bit of a time constraint, and to be honest with you, I'm glad we were. Both of my Nieces had to be back home by 5pm, one for night school and the other for a training session at the gym. If it wasn't for having to leave when we did, I just may have had to fib to Craig about just how much I spent, but thankfully, I was able to keep it to just the bare essentials. On our way home, the back of the truck loaded down with our packages, I was ever so happy to see that the scales in Santa Nella were closed for northbound traffic. I seriously doubt that we would have passed on the weight limit had it been a requirement for us to stop. We arrived safely home and after unloading our packages, and doing a little impromptu fashion show with all of our new things, it was definitely time for my Mom and I to put our feet up. Speaking of relaxing, with the limited hours of driving time Craig had on the books, he had a leisurely drive from Weed, CA into Wilsonville, OR yesterday. He swapped out his loaded trailer with another driver who had an empty trailer. This morning he was given a load assignment to head to Sunshine Dairy in Portland and pick up over 40,000 pounds of yogurt.

He was able to drive only as far as north of Pasco, before having to shut down because of his low driving hours. He will need to leave around 1am tomorrow morning to make his 4am delivery in Spokane. He is happy to report that his hours will be looking real good come Friday and that he should be able to get a good run out of Spokane. That makes me happy too, because after all, if the wheels are moving, he's making money, and I need to pay for all those things I just couldn't live without at the Outlet Stores.


Linda said...

You deserved a shopping break from all that "kitchen duty".
Hope you enjoy all the goodies you bought.
Lynnwood, WA

Cori said...

Looks like your guys did some damage! I haven't seen that many bags in the back of your truck since one of our big Real Deals shopping extravaganzas! Looks like you must have had a blast.

Let's just face it, shopping is darn fun!

I just go finished posting my giveaway winners and enjoying a second cup of coffee. Beautiful sunshiney day here. Lots to do before my trip. Hoping for a high-energy day with lots of accomplishments.

love to you,



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