Thursday, March 04, 2010


I've been covered in scraps of wallpaper and smudges of paste as I work my way through my Mom's entryway and living room armed with a steamer and a putty knife. If only I had a dollar for every strip of wallpaper that I have taken down in my lifetime.......well, I wouldn't be rich, but I could certainly pay for a day or two at a spa. I'm happy to report that it looks like I just may finish up today, and then we'll get busy painting. Oh.....and don't worry, when I get done inside the house, our pickup is getting a thorough cleaning and waxing. Looks like the only rest I'll be getting is when I'm finally back on the truck!

Craig and I had a good laugh on Tuesday after they had picked up their loaded trailer in Clackamas, OR and were making their trek into Arizona. It has seemed that every time Craig has a trainee, the DOT inspections have increased, and going through the weigh station in Salem, OR was no exception. Craig was beginning to think that there must have been a neon sign on his truck flashing "Inspect Me". It was only a Level 3, checking log book and credentials, and they were sent on their way with no problems, but seriously just as a comparison, I've only been with Craig for two in the past four years, and with his trainees he has had at least 6. If you ask my opinion, I think the DOT officers can see the fear in the eyes of his trainees......either that or maybe looking like you are only 14 years old might do the trick too, which is the case with his latest trainee Eric.

They completed their marathon drive to Arizona, and by 9pm last night had completed the last of the six drops to the Fry's Stores in the Phoenix and Tucson area. The last 36 hours for them have been a blurr of driving and trying to get sleep while on the road, so I'm sure that they truly appreciated the opportunity to get some non moving sleep last night. They are presently awaiting their next dispatch which we suspect will either be a load out of Sara Lee in Tolleson, AZ or some bananas out of San Diego, but hey....we've been wrong before, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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