Monday, March 29, 2010


The swap in Canyonville, OR with the trailer full of lumber didn't last too long. No sooner had the swap been completed, when Craig was told to take it to Weed, CA and swap it with another driver with a trailer loaded full of meat and four deliveries. The swap was completed at about 3am Sunday morning, with the first delivery being in Newark, CA at 11am. After completing the delivery, Craig drove to French Camp, where he would stage for the remaining three deliveries this morning and receive the bounty of food which I had brought to him.

We enjoyed a short visit, while partaking in Craig's favorite meal of Chinese food, and then I left, so that he could rest and get some sleep. He is currently sitting at the first of his drops today in Sacramento. Then it will be off to Livermore and then finally in San Francisco for his final two stops.

The stop in Livermore we have been to before, and didn't really enjoy the experience. The dock area was so tight, it was a real struggle to get backed into it. The stop in San Francisco is a new receiver that we haven't been to before, but Craig has done plenty of research, and is armed with all the information to get him in and out and back to the company yard in French Camp by this evening.

It seems that the truck has developed a slight leak of coolant in the line that runs over the fuel tank. The last thing we want is a reason to be pulled into the weigh stations, so the sooner he can get that looked at and fixed the better off we will be. With any luck, he will be in the yard early enough tonight to have it in the shop.

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