Friday, April 02, 2010


After his unload in Stockton, CA Wednesday morning, and then a mandatory two hour break, Craig was sent back to the Company yard in French Camp. He dropped his empty trailer at the shop, where a new tire was destined to replace one that was a bit questionable. He was then told to hook up to a loaded trailer in the yard, full of juice, which needed to be delivered in Rocklin, CA Thursday morning at 6am. With only 3 hours of available driving time left, he camped out at the yard and relaxed until he would need to leave at 4am the next morning.

The drop in Rocklin was uneventful, and after the unload, he was sent back once again to the yard in French Camp. Just like the day before, he was told to drop his empty trailer and hook up to a loaded trailer full of meat. Starting to feel a bit like a local driver, he was happy to see from the dispatch, that he would finally get out of the central valley, and take the trailer down to the company yard in Bloomington, CA where someone else would make the delivery on Saturday in Vernon, CA.

He made it as far as Buttonwillow, CA last night, where he shut down for the night. This morning he was up and driving by 5am, and expected to drop the trailer, and hook up to yet another empty trailer in Bloomington by 9am. He then has a dispatch to head south to the port in San Diego to pick up a load of bananas. With the way the loads have been going lately, we aren't holding our breath that he will actually make the delivery of the bananas in Clackamas, OR on Monday morning, before he may have to swap out trailers with another driver.

We do know he has the hours to complete this run, and it will get him that much closer to his scheduled vacation week. While Craig stays busy, I will be packing up and heading north myself starting tomorrow morning, with an arrival in Walla Walla, WA Sunday afternoon. I'll enjoy a few days visiting with my friend Cori, before finally meeting up with Craig in Spokane around April 9th.


Anonymous said...

Is he ever going to make it to Washington

Anonymous said...

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