Monday, March 15, 2010


Sunday, Craig rolled into French Camp, CA to stage for his deliveries in Stockton and Manteca for Monday morning. After I enjoyed a great afternoon visiting with my cousins in Elk Grove, CA, I drove into the yard to meet up with Craig. Since we knew he would be within a few miles of the company yard after making his deliveries, I decided to spend the night with Craig in the truck and go along with him on all four of his stops.

What a treat that was to be back together again in the truck. A bed never felt so good, and the hum of the reefer was just the icing on the cake. We sure are looking forward to us both being back on the truck after vacation in April. For those 18 hours that we were together last night and today, all was right with the world again. And just like it usually is with me on the truck, Craig had no problem ignoring the paperwork involved with four stops and left all of the organizing and sorting up to me. Since he had been to these stops before, I didn't even have to worry about navigating or figuring out routing as he pretty much relied on his memory and the GPS to get him safely to each of the Food 4 Less stores we delivered to. I was able to enjoy a very red sunrise this morning sitting at our second stop. As the sun rose, and the morning wore on, the four deliveries were completed and it was time for me to leave the truck again. I have made a few plans in the coming week that prevented me from staying on the truck any longer. By the time we had driven back to the yard in French Camp, Craig had received his next assignment to head to Fresh Express in Salinas.

I'm hoping to be able to jump back on the truck for a quick two day trip down to the LA area the next time Craig is headed south and comes through French Camp. We are down to just a little over 3 weeks until vacation and some long overdue time at home.


Cori said...

Oh...what a nice surprise to hear that you got to spend some time with your hubby! Short, but VERY sweet.
I'm happy : )

It won't be long now and we will be driving together back "home" and your vacation will begin. I know you will need one after all you've accomplished at your Mom's house over the last several months.

love and hugs,

all things bradbury said...

this is so cool that you guys were able to steal some time together...sorta like a little honeymoon! i bet craig was pleased as punch to have you back in the seat beside him!

CRAIG and DIANE said...

Oh Ruth Ann, he was so excited, which made it even harder to part ways again so quickly. We are SO looking forward to April and getting back into the routine of our wonderful life on the road.


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