Friday, March 12, 2010


Thursday afternoon Craig finally got a dispatch to get him out of the company yard after two days of attending classes. He took possession of a trailer full of meat, that another driver dropped in the yard because he was taking home time. Craig hooked up to it and with his first of 3 deliveries being at Unified Grocers in Seattle, he knew if he got there early enough, he could just stay the night in their holding area. Around 7pm, he arrived in Seattle. and found plenty of room to stage until his 5am appointment time.

It only took about 45 minutes for the unload and he was on his way to his second stop. They weren't so quick there, and by the time he was unloaded he had managed to collect 3 hours of detention pay, and be late for his last appointment. Over the phone, Craig told me that I would have been glad not to have been around on his last stop. Evidently, it was a little mom and pop store tucked away down a tiny little street, and get this, they were getting a pallet of lard.

With absolutely no parking any where near, Craig was asking for a direction to head when he put in his empty call. He was told to dead head to Wallula, WA to the Tyson Meat Plant for a load going out Saturday morning. By 5pm he had dropped his empty trailer, parked the tractor in their staging area, and was ready to fix himself some dinner and call it a day. If our calculations are correct, he will be in French Camp, CA come Sunday afternoon, and if you want a sure bet, you can bet that I'll be there waiting for him.

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