Saturday, March 20, 2010


It feels more like the first day of summer. It has been almost 80 degrees here at my Mom's house the last couple of days. I keep longingly looking at the temperatures back home in Usk, WA and see that the mornings are in the 20's and it only gets up to maybe 50 during the day. (sigh)...... I miss that...... I hope it remains that way in three weeks, when I'll be enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee on our front porch with Craig. Speaking of Craig, he made his 4am delivery in Spokane at the U.R.M. Distribution Center, and then ended up collecting 5 hours of detention pay while they sorted out some product that was mislabeled and about 12 cases of yogurt that they didn't order. In the end, after sitting there while the powers that be made phones calls back and forth to each other, he ended up leaving all of the product there after all, and took off for the company yard.

Later in the afternoon, he was given a load assignment to pick up meat in Wallula, WA at the Tyson Plant for this morning. He decided to go ahead and drive the three hours there, drop the trailer, and stage in their lot until his load would be ready. Upon awaking this morning, he hooked up to his loaded trailer, scaled out, and was happily heading south towards the three drops that he has in the LA area.

When I say happily, it's because he will be coming through French Camp Sunday morning and picking me up to join him for his deliveries. I'll only be on the truck for what we predict will be 3 days, just long enough to make the deliveries and then get a load going back up north. But regardless, we're sure to have lots of fun.....after all how couldn't we.......he is slated to deliver at the dreaded Ralph's in Compton, CA and I'll finally get to see the place with my own eyes.


Anonymous said...

How did his last trainee do?

CRAIG and DIANE said...

The last Craig saw him, he was driving into the yard from taking the road test. Craig then realized why they were pulled into the weigh station such.....he said he looked like an 8 year old driving the truck. My hunch is that he hasn't continued with trucking, especially since Craig hasn't gotten any phone calls with questions, like he did with Charles.

all things bradbury said...

ahhhh yes, that porch does look inviting! enjoy you time onthe truck!


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