Wednesday, March 24, 2010


OMG indeed......I'm not sure what day this is, and I may not even be sure when I'll be able to get back off the truck. This was suppose to be just a nice, easy, little run down to LA and back, but it is turning into a marathon of dispatches and very early morning drives. Not that I'm fact, one of the dispatchers, who has been with the company for over 20 years, said that they have never seen it so busy. I think Craig's log book can attest to that!Monday afternoon we did receive a dispatch while sitting out our 10 hour break in Vernon. Because of the "no parking between 2am-4am" in the City of Vernon, at 2am we took off to the company yard to hook up to our waiting loaded trailer of frozen french fries. After taking showers, and getting a cup of coffee, we drove back to Long Beach to make the 8am delivery. By 9am we were empty and directed to head to San Diego to pick up bananas. Seven hours later with a loaded trailer of bananas, and once again, no time left on the clock, we found ourselves parked for the night on a street in National City, CA which we were assured was okay to park on.

No sooner had we parked, when the Qualcomm starts beeping. Dispatch wanted us to drop our loaded trailer of bananas in the company yard in Bloomington, deadhead 450 miles to Salinas, CA and by the way, how soon can you accomplish that? OMG....after first catching our breath, we sat and figured out what was indeed possible and legal, and then called into dispatch to let them know what we could accomplish. First off, we had to take a 10 hour break, then we could get the bananas to the yard, after that it is anyone's guess what we will be doing. There was talk of heading back down to San Diego for another banana run instead of going to Salinas. At this rate, my little 3 day ride on the truck with Craig may turn into a full week. Aside from consistently getting up every day at 1 or 2 am, we are enjoying ourselves, enjoying the beautiful southern California weather, and even more so, looking forward to that vacation week!

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Jennie said...

Oh so beautiful. I'd like to be busy there along that coast!


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