Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well, maybe it wasn't the trainee that looked like he was 12 years old after all, that caused them to be pulled into the weigh stations for inspections. Maybe it's some magical, invisible, flashing neon sign, attached to the truck, because this morning at 4am, with no other trucks in sight, Craig got pulled into the scales in Dunsmuir, CA. We're not talking a simple Level 3 this time....Oh No......he got the mother of all inspections, the Level 1.

I'm beginning to think that the State of California has ramped up their inspections trying to earn a bit more revenue. But they came up empty handed with Craig, he passed with flying colors and is proudly displaying a green 2010 sticker on both the tractor and trailer. What wasn't too cool, was the extra 30 minutes it took off of Craig's driving hours. He is so tight on his schedule with three deliveries in the LA area, that he will need to stay put in Vernon and leave after midnight. We learned our lesson last time there, no staying in Vernon between 2am and 4am, as neither one of us would like to venture what a second parking violation would amount to.

But on a happy note, I drove out to French Camp this morning and loaded myself into the truck for a nice little three day trip with Craig. I've already made myself useful by filling out all the paperwork on this three deliveries and have somewhat made myself familiar with the routing into each stop. We are hoping to get an idea on where to head after we go empty so we know what direction to head at midnight. If all else fails, we'll just drive into the company yard in Bloomington to await our next dispatch.

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