Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Over the course of the past 6 weeks, while I have been staying at my Mom's house, and amidst the numerous bags of bits of wallpaper I have painstakingly scrapped from every inch of her walls, we have also painted. Painting isn't what it used to be, when slapping up a coat of white or off white paint did the trick and everyone was happy. Oh days, you scour the paint chip displays at your local home improvement store, armed with the false security of watching hour after hour of way too much HGTV. You would think this would be an easy decision, but there my friends is where you can slowly start to make yourself go insane.

Thankfully, they now have sample jars you can purchase with the paint color you are convinced is the perfect one. But then, just in case, you pick a back up color, and before you know it 3 trips to the home improvement store, and 12 sample jars later, you have picked out the colors of your dreams. Either that or you are just so worn down from the whole process that you give up, because you are convinced the guy in the paint department is silently thinking you might need some HGTV intervention. So a decision has been made, and I think we are happy with the colors and off we went for one more trip back to the paint department to purchase four gallons of paint. Have I mentioned just how big her living room and entryway are? We stood nervously at the counter, taking one more glance at the paint chips, then we looked each other in the eye and nodded with agreement that we had made the right choice. But secretly? I think we were both wishing it was back in the day, and the only decision was to choose some variation of white. Life was so much simpler then.


Barb said...

You and Rosemary should get together. Seems you both love those little bottles of paint! LOL

I am sure you and your Mom picked the right colors. You have done a fantastic job on the rest of the house and your own. You have a talent!

Cori said...

How funny! With all the paint samples the wall looks llike you are going for a "camo" paint technique : ). I'm sure you are busy painting it right now. Can't wait to see the end results.


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