Sunday, February 28, 2010


What might you ask has been keeping me busy the last few weeks? Well I'm happy to finally tell you, and show you, exactly what has been occupying my time. I'll start at the beginning, which is always a great idea when beginning a story. When my Mom found out that I would be staying at her house, while Craig was training Eric, she started making a list of things she wanted done. First on her list was taking down wallpaper in her living room and entry way. A funny thing happened on the way to doing that..........She decided to take the plunge and remodel her kitchen. It wouldn't be an elaborate remodel, as the kitchen was way too small to change the layout, and let's face it, in these times of economic woes, there was not an abundance of money to spend. But after living with a kitchen with the original cabinets from the 1950's, with way too many coats of paint on them, it was time to do something. Oh....and should I mention that there were not one, but four layers of wall paper in the kitchen that would need to be taken down? Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. So first, my niece and I start the process of taking down the wallpaper, as my Mom relived some memories as each layer was revealed, and after two days, we finally reached the bare wall. Oh! and while we were at it, we took down the wall paper in the laundry room too, which only had three layers on it. Yes, I can hear some of you more decorating forward people out there saying, " But wallpaper is coming back into style", to which I will say to you....."never, never, never again" will wallpaper be put up in any house I live in! To make a long story short, we ended up redoing her bathroom off the laundry room with new paint, a new vanity and mirror, repainting her laundry room, rearranging and redecorating her family room, all while watching as professionals went to town on her kitchen. To say we were living in a construction zone and total chaos is an understatement. Three weeks later, after a fresh coat of paint in her kitchen, we are happy to report that half of her house is done, and she is so happy with the results. As for me? I'm happy to say that the living room and entry way, which has been taunting me now for weeks, awaiting my attention, only has one layer of paper waiting for me to take down this week. Let's hear it for small victories my friends!


Barb said...

OMG!!! What a beautifull transformation of the kitchen. I love it!! Congratulations on pulling all the wallpaper down too. I have heard other stories of wallpaper removal and like you, I don't ever want wallpaper in my house. Paint is so much easier to deal with when you want a change of scenery.I do like to stencil though and it's easy to paint over.

Don't work too hard now!!

Cori said...

The kitchen looks FABULOUS! What an upgrade! I am so happy for your Mom and her beautiful new space to create her yummy dishes.

You worked very hard--taking down all that wallpaper is quite an endeavor. So glad you accomplished so much during your visit.



Mom said...

WOW! That is an amazing transformation. Well done

all things bradbury said...

the kitchen looks fantastic!!!...tho being the country girl that i am, i really liked the painted cabinets and the country look're a good girl, helpin your mom get all that done!...she must be very proud of her new kitchen!


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