Thursday, February 18, 2010


Why didn't someone remind me about about bringing Craig's super bright fluorescent jacket back to him when I met him in French Camp last night? Oh that's right. I never mentioned that after their trek through the mud pit in Arlington, OR at the HazMat dump site, that his nice new jacket was covered in mud as well, and that he so graciously dumped it in my hands to wash the next time he was through the company yard in French Camp. Wash it I did, and although for a few grease marks, which Craig seems fit to deposit on most of his clothes, no matter how careful he pretends to be, it is looking nice and new again......albeit in my bedroom at my Mom's house and not on Craig's back.

He so kindly reminded me of such this morning via an email while wandering around the streets of Long Beach, CA (sans jacket) waiting to get unloaded. Seems in my haste to pick up a few supplies for him yesterday, and then getting his special #6 combination plate, his jacket completely slipped my mind. I'm thinking even he didn't give it a second thought as he was downing that pile of chow mein. Guess I'll tuck it away in our pickup for my next trip to French Camp.

If you're wondering what I'm doing while at my Mom's house as Craig continues to train Eric, you must know by now, I couldn't let too much time go by without doing something crafty. I used some 6x6 cork tiles and then a couple of larger ones to use up some excess fabric, ribbons, and vintage buttons that have been occupying my Mom's button tin to make these. I also refurbished a picture and frame that my Mom was going to donate, by tossing the picture and painting and staining the frame, then using chalkboard paint and making a cute chalkboard. Only thing missing so far is buying some chalk to write something cleaver on it. With at least another three weeks of Craig training and me off of the truck, I'll have to start thinking of some other projects to keep me busy.


Cori said...

Oh My Gosh! These are WAY TOO cute! I love the way these projects turned out! I think my favorite is the one with the flower part art and I adore the red scroll fabric.

Isn't crafting just so therapeutic??? It's good for the soul. I can't get enough of it!

For your chalkboard, try to get the chalk "markers"...they work so much better than the regular chalk.

Talk soon...


Anonymous said...

You are so talented. I love the wall hangings with the buttons.


Linda said...

Those are so pretty.
I love everyone of them each color would complement any room decor.
Linda Lynnwood, WA


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