Tuesday, February 16, 2010


After delivering in Gilbert, AZ Eric had the driving duties to drive them back into California and through Los Angeles. Once over the Grapevine Craig took over and drove to French Camp, CA to the company yard. With only a short 6 hours of non moving sleep, Eric was back at it driving into Oregon where they again switched drivers in Canyonville and Craig took over to get them into Toledo, WA where Craig got a few hours of sleep before heading into Puyallup, WA at 5am for their delivery. Immediately after going empty, they were beeped with a new assignment to pick up a load of wine in Auburn, WA and take it to the RailEx facility in Burbank, WA. From there it will be loaded onto rail cars to be transported to New York. Eric will be taking over the driving duties while Craig gets some well deserved sleep, however as most of you know who live the life out in the road on a big rig, trying to get decent sleep while the truck is moving can be a bit of a struggle, especially over rough roads. Their delivery time is set for 3pm this afternoon, and although you would like to keep this run of dispatches going, Craig and I agreed that with any luck, they would have the rest of the afternoon and evening to catch up on some rest. But with Tyson being not even a mile away from RailEx, I have a hunch that they will once again get an immediate dispatch to pick up some meat. One can only hope there is some extra time factored into their next dispatch to at least slow things down a little bit to get some much needed rest.

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