Saturday, February 06, 2010


You knew it would happen right? Big plans for a snack fest, ala Homer Simpson, and just like that on Friday morning, they get a phone call to swap trailers. Craig calls me right away to tell me not to buy all the snacks, as I was just about ready to leave for the grocery store. He hadn't yet received all the info via the QualComm about which direction he would be headed, so he couldn't even let me know if I would be able to at least meet up with him for a visit. As we waited for the additional information, I took off for the store to at least gather his items he definitely needed from the store when he did manage to make it through town.

Shortly thereafter, he called with the updated information. They would be swapping trailers with another driver in Corning, CA. They would take custody of a trailer full of apples at around 8pm Friday night and delivery the apples to Fresh Express in Salinas this morning at 7am. Then they would have a pick up of a loaded trailer from Fresh Express at noon today, and deliver to two locations in Puyallup, WA starting at 5am Sunday morning.

Suffice it to say, they have been, and will continue to do some continuous driving over the next 24 hours. By 6am, they had delivered the apples in Salinas, CA and were waiting for their new trailer to get loaded. It will then take a bit of team driving to get the produce up to Washington, but not without a swing by the company yard in French Camp, where I will be waiting for a quick cuddle and a clean hand off of some goodies for Craig, even if he won't be enjoying them during the big game on Sunday.

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Jennie said...

This post reminded me to be thankful for truckers. Usually I have to admit, manuevering around them on the highways makes me nervous...but here he's missing the big game and delivering apples, my favorite. Thank you for the apples!! Enjoy your snacks!


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