Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Unlike some other drivers who blog about some of their top secret high value loads, for the first time ever, Craig and Eric received almost the same type of dispatch. Top secret it was, but of high value? I think not, at least not to you or me, but I'm sure it cost the manufacturer millions of dollars. Along with two other drivers, they were dispatched to Liberty Lake, WA, just outside of Spokane with dry vans to pick up three trailers full of a product that shall not be named. This operation was supervised by a team of Federal Agents who watched over every pallet of this product being loaded into the trailers. When the trailers were sealed, and the paperwork signed for, they all took off in a convoy to Arlington, OR. In Arlington, they went go to a hazardous material dump site to have that same product unloaded and disposed of, again being supervised by the Federal Agents. Only problem was that not only was the dump site difficult to even find, it was basically a big mud pit. Craig had to admit to having a bit of fun trying to drive through the mud and managed to get quite a bit of it all over the tires, trailer, truck, and even himself. They finally get to where they will unload the unnamed product, and they soon find out that the lifts they use to hoist the trailers into the air will not handle a 53 foot trailer. Now what do they do? After some phone calls and the powers that be consult one another, they finally come with a pallet jack, and have the drivers move the product to the edge of the trailer and then off lift it with a fork lift. Needless to say, Craig got plenty of exercise today! Tonight finds them in Biggs Junction, chowing down on a foot long Subway sandwich and falling into bed bone tired. Since they still have the non refrigerated trailer, they will be routed to Salem, OR in the morning to either pick up some potato chips or transport some transformers to Oakland, CA. No matter where they might be sent, the first order of business will be finding a truck wash to get rid of the mud they collected on their rig.

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