Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The cartoon has nothing to do with my blog entry, I just thought it was funny. So onto trucking news.........Freight is moving hot and heavy the past month or so, and Craig and Eric's log book would be proof of just that. As soon as they delivered the wine to RailEx in Burbank, WA, they were sent to Prosser, WA to pick up a load of frozen french fries. These french fries are to be in Long Beach, CA Thursday morning at 8am.

On the good news front, at least they took a much needed sleep break last night just outside of Biggs Junction, OR where they both got some non moving sleep. The bad news? They are pretty much having to drive straight through today and into the night to make their delivery tomorrow morning. To make it a bit tolerable for them, I plan on meeting them in French Camp, CA with a combination plate for each of them from Craig's favorite Chinese Restaurant. That ought to make the trip just a bit more bearable. I'm always happy to do my part as I sit on the sidelines when Craig is training.

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